Desires: The Way Out


We all have desires; that strong feeling of wishing or wanting something to happen. The problem is that it is really hard to get it. You lose hope and you end up “bury” it inside you and feeling  frustrated, down or even depressed.

The next step is to think one of the following questions:

  •  Why would I want something that I cannot get?
  •  What should I do in order to get it ?
  • Is that desire going to lead me to happiness or is it just a mind game-trap ?

We born with a destination that our desires would lead us to. We all have – crazy – dreams, that we want to achieve so bad but there are always obstacles, and we are obligate to overcome them, in order to keep going otherwise we won’t be able to continue our journey to the “finish line”.

It is your call, your mission in this world. There is not a guide or a manual to achieve it. Just follow your instincts and your heart. Then you will really know. And that light in your soul would empower you by not letting you get lost in the doubt of fear.

Desire is that little “evil” thing we have inside us; that thing that don’t leave you live peacefully. It is the emotional experience that we think our outer desire will bring us that we are really after. The most desirable emotional experience will combine real features that actually exist with imaginary ones that enhance the desire.

TIP: Do not stay in silence, go chase your dreams no matter what because that sense would only go away if you fight for it. Even if you don’t get it you will know that you have tried. On the road of your life you will meet people that would change you as a person and then automatically you will change the way you think. That might ensure that you would fulfill your deepest, vivid and “indomitable” desire.







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