The dark side of human beings


Everyone has their own story and “demons” that are connected to the road of happiness.

You may see someone who smiles all the time and does silly things but you have no idea what he is going through or what burden he carries within. People are so judgmental and you have to deal with them every single day; you must pretend that everything is fine, otherwise they are going to “delve into” info in order to learn what is going on by simply asking questions (not that they are interested in how you feel but because they want to gossip about it).

Indeed, it is really annoying, due to the fact that people do not give a f*** about you. This is just how human nature works. Personally, I do not want to give explanations to nosy people or to those with whom I work  – It does not mean that we are friends because we happen to work at the same place–  I know how to deal with  my own problems and “demons”. As a person, I have a different perspective and angle for life; I am different from the others and so I see things with my own “theories”. I like to stay at home, watching the stars above and talking to myself without hearing any annoying voices or sounds. This is really nice, because you can handle “situations” that you are going through and work them over in your mind. Let’s say it is just like doing “self-therapy”, which I find really effective. You should give it a shot! You learn to ignore the negative vibes and focus on your problems. You may not find the solution right away, but you will feel much better.

Talking to yourself, it is not madness because it is the way we talk to God. He knows why you have to deal with this problem but you have to be patient. Everything has something to teach us and with His help you will find the way out. Think positive and be yourself no matter what. Do not forget that you are unique and you have to stay strong, move on and focus on your target.

TIP: When nosy people try to learn something about you by persistently asking questions, do not pretend that everything is fine just breathe and let it go. Do not give them the pleasure to find out the truth, just smile at them and let them imagine whatever they want. (At the end of the day, they are going to gossip about you, anyway!)



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  1. Hey Anna, I read your article on Paulo’s Blog. Totally, totally, totally, totally identify with you. Your blog-entry made me feel.. not alone. I’ll take the tip, in return all I can say is – don’t you ever, ever stop looking at the stars – there’s real magic up there.

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    1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words and of course for reading my article! I write my thoughts just because I know there are people out there that they totally identify with me. It is just a wake up call to “humanity”!


    2. aww!!What can I say! Only thanks for reading my article! You should never ever stop fighting for your dreams, no matter what!


  2. Bookishgirl says:

    Hello Anna..I read your post on goodreads posted by Paulo Coelho.. I must say you write simple yet deep and me and many people of this generation are actually able to connect with your post.
    So encouraging and true..
    Keep blooming…!!😊


    1. Aww…Thank you so much for your kind words! Have a nice day xx

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