Dreams VS Reality


Sometimes, you wake up and realize that your dreams are far away from reality. You do the exact same thing every single day but deep inside, you feel the need to move forward and take the step that would lead you to the right direction, so that you can pursue your dream.

Questions like “Am I doing the right thing” or hearing people saying “this is insane; meaning impossible” make you doubt yourself. But in the end who knows what is right or wrong? You are the one who knows what feels right. Listen to the whisper of your heart. Do not regret anything, since every step you take is an action that would teach you either a lesson or an experience – A new window in order to deal with the reality called “world”.

You may do the same thing every day, but still is a different day with complications and a new bet that you are called to win.

All in all, my own opinion is that you always win, even if you think that you lost, because everything you do matters and has an impact to your life.

Tip: Anything, is possible even when people say that your dream is madness or impossible. Do not listen to what others say. The only thing you have to do, is follow your heart and dare to dream. It is your own bet, nobody’s else.

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